Commerce Connect is an integration layer between a front-end web shop solution and a back-end e-commerce system. 

With the Sitecore Experience Platform and Sitecore Commerce Connect, Sitecore provides the tools to empower organizations to build the effective, meaningful relationships that win customers for life. Commerce Connect extends the Sitecore Experience Platform and requires the use of the Sitecore Experience Database. Once activated, you are ready to begin connecting and synchronizing your catalog content.

Insite Plus Sitecore Connector allows Sitecore developers a way to interact with Insite Commerce using Insite REST APIs.  All interactions are made through the Commerce Connect pipeline processors, so that Sitecore xDB functionality (goals, reports, engagement plans) are kept aware of, and can respond to, commerce functionality. 


Key Features

Standardization - Standard Sitecore APIs used for information flow
Development - No knowledge of underlying Insite APIs required
Personalization - Track user history and personalize
Marketing - Monitor goals and Engagement Plans
Easy Integration - Bring Products into Sitecore
xDB - Track user activity, goals
Time to Market - Effort required for development
Unique Insite Features - Customer Based Catalogs, Pricing 




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