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Show Your Client You Know Them Personally


“Talk to me – not everyone else” 

One of the biggest challenges for marketers today is to address to right audience and do it the right way. Among the best ways of doing this is by providing the visitor, whether coming to the web site, via email or any other channel, with a relevant experience when it comes to content as well as presentation. 

Sitecore provides a great set of tools and features for helping out the marketer to reach this goal and most prominent is the ability to personalize the experience for the visitor, but one thing is the tools – another is how to make it happen.


With many years of experience working with the Sitecore Experience Platform and its personalization features XCentium has developed an efficient process to identify our clients’ personalization needs and how to implement them

XCentium follows a Who-What-How analysis approach to personalization:

  • Who: What are the target groups for personalizing and why do we want to personalize for them. In the initial Discovery phase of a project we work closely with our clients’ marketing teams to identify what visitors we should address and what we want to accomplish by personalizing their experience. 
  • What: The next step is to identify what criteria the personalization should be based on – what identifies visitors from our target groups, how do we segment them and eventually target them. 
  • How: The final step in the analysis is to identify how we want to personalize. Based on the findings from the “What” step, we must determine what experience we want to present to our visitor. 


Once the analysis is done, it is time to plan and prioritize how we want to implement personalization.

Together with the client we create a 6-12 month roadmap for implementing personalization, where we initially focus on the low-hanging fruits to maximize the value of the Experience Platform from the very beginning.

A major part of the planning is to prioritize the personalization effort, so it provides value from day one, doesn’t delay other development and can be maintained by the client’s internal resources. 

The typical roadmap includes a set of features to be included in the initial release, with more features being introduced in 3-4 month intervals. 

By approaching personalization this way, we allow everyone to get familiar with one set of features at a time as well as being able to measure what initiatives work and where adjustments need to be made. 



Once the roadmap is defined, it is time to get to actually implementing the personalization and getting it to work. 

For most parts this is relatively simple, as XCentium’s way of architecting Sitecore solutions follows best practices and always takes the Experience Platform into account. 

This means that the basics will always be in place from the very beginning, which makes it easy to get valuable results with relatively little effort.

After the initial implementation, which will be focused on easy wins and relatively simple customization, we will start implementing the next phases of personalization, based on the roadmap agreed upon. 

At the same time we will start monitoring the already implemented personalization features to determine if they work as intended, have the expected effect on the visitors and to identify needs for new features or different prioritizing for future phases.

The roadmap will be continuously updated to reflect changes in priorities and the current implementation cycle will also be adjusted to accommodate updates.