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Secure and Customizeable Customer Identity Management

Increases User Engagement


Gigya's Sitecore Connector is a powerful addition to any Sitecore website enabling a wide range of fully configurable customer identity management features that increase user engagement and time spent on your site. The Gigya connector provides full cloud-based user management, allowing users to register to your site using social network identities such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and more. We offer a range of plugins integrating your site with the social networks through sharing, comments, ratings, reviews, reactions and gamification. Plugins are extensible and customizeable and can be added in Sitecore's page edit mode.

Gigya's plugins integrate your site with the user's social networks and create a compelling and fulfilling user experience. The plugins come with a fully configurable user interface design that can be controlled from within Sitecore.

  • Share - users can easily share posts with their social networks friends.
  • Comments - enables site users to post comments and have discussions about published content on your site.
  • Gamification - a social loyalty and rewards platform that can be easily embedded in your website, increasing site engagement and making your users' experience more enjoyable.
  • Rating & Reviews - give your customers an easy way to provide feedback on product and content across your site, and then share that feedback with friends in their social networks.
  • Reactions - allows users to react to content in your site and share their reaction to social networks.
  • Activity Feed - allows users to see the latest actions on a site, according to who performed the actions.

Increased registrations with Social Login: Reduce the barrier to entry to login by allowing users to sign in to your site using their existing social media identities, or any OpenID or SAML provider you choose to offer.