Kuraray America chooses XCentium to implement Insite Software's B2B commerce cloud solution to expand digital presence.

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As a B2B Commerce Industry expert, MORSCO Chief Marketing Officer, Darren Taylor knew that building a best-in-breed eCommerce digital solution would position his company to become the preferred and most trusted resource for Plumbing, HVAC and Utility Infrastructure Product Solutions. In building their new website, MORSCO envisioned having a website that would make it easier for their customers and employees alike to complete their jobs efficiently by providing online solutions that could work both across the entire organization as well as at the branch individual location. MORSCO's eCommerce solution needed to deliver the ease of online self-service while also enabling more complex transactions that required the personal attention of sales associates. MORSCO selected Insite Software's InsiteCommerce solution and XCentium to implement a fully mobile-responsive, personalized solution that enabled customers to perform all aspects of their job more efficiently, while freeing up sales associates to assist customers in more meaningful ways. In the video, Taylor shares from his expert experience about how the complexities of B2B Commerce ordering can be made much simpler through implementing a fully configured InsiteCommerce solution.


Features of Insite Software:

As a certified Insite Software Platinum Partner, the XCentium team has seen how B2B Commerce software revolutionizes how a company conducts business online.  "We are excited that Insite has announced a SaaS offering, InsiteCommerce Cloud!  SaaS offers us the opportunity to get a solution up and running in a matter of weeks on a powerhouse B2B Platform with a lower subscription cost model," shares XCentium Partner, Steve Miller

Continuing in the evolution of InsiteCommerce 4, the latest release of InsiteCommerce 4.3.1 provides many new options and upgrades, including an exciting new deployment option -- SaaS (Software as a Service).  In addition to SaaS deployment opportunities, improvements to front-end editing and theming have been introduced, a new single-page-application (SPA) model to reduce page load times, and additional improvements to the administration console and settings to allow business users and developers more clear and defined control over all aspects of InsiteCommerce.

In InsiteCommerce 4.3.1, website themes and widgets can now be edited and administered within the Administration Console. With having these and widget management available via the Administration Console, the ability to upgrade to future versions of InsiteCommerce is easier. Themes house all HTML, CSS and JS needed to customize and power InsiteCommerce experiences. Additionally the version history, preview, draft and publish modes allow better control and refinement of changes as front end developers and designers work with new, existing or cloned themes.  Single-Page-Applications, or SPA, is a front-end page refresh model that allows for quicker page load times by for end users by only replacing items on the pages that change during navigation.  For instance, traditionally, a user on Product Detail Page A who navigates to Product Detail Page B from a link would require an entire new page load to render the information from Product B. Now, with a Single-Page-Application architecture, navigating to Product Detail Page B would only refresh the product-specific page changes, leaving the global assets such as the header, footer, CSS, and more the same. This not only reduces server loads, but also results in a much quicker response time for end-users.

Additional front-end changes include:

  • Page Variants - Available via InsiteCommerce's business-user friendly CMS, change the structure of a page, triggered by rules and data, including customer specific data, user-specific, logged-in state, and more.
  • Improvements to User-Facing Assets - Multiple product imagery, better print and email from order and invoice history pages
  • Real time pricing - better user experience if page loads before real-time pricing is returned from ERP
  • Advanced Inventory Messaging - Allows for customized stock status and inventory messaging, with ability to control as granular as per product, or globally, if desired
  • Widgets - new and improved built-in widgets such as recently purchased items, which lists, etc.
  • Translatable URLs - allowing for translatable URL segments for better multi-lingual support
  • Persistent Cart - Cart will persist across devices for a logged-in user
  • Remember Me - Users who opt in to "remember me" will be shown user-specific pricing and other attributes, not having to log-in until checkout or account access

The Administration Console, a crucial component of configuring any experience built on InsiteCommerce, also received a few updates in the latest release centered around ease of upgradability and general usability.

 In addition to advanced front-end configuration (themes and resource files) now being managed in the Administration Console, the following changes were also made:

  • Settings - Merged Application/Global Settings and Website Settings into one page for ease of use. Additional user-friendly controls and tooltips have also been built-in, allowing a quick expansion of setting options
  • Filtering of Lists - Advanced filtering options added, allowing multiple facets and filter options (contains, equals, starts with, ends with, empty, etc).
  • User Security - Improved "forgot password" workflows for storefront users
  • cXML Order Processing Enhancements - Enhanced cXML purchase order processing for automated capture integrations such as Conexium, as well as more detailed display of processing logic of orders submitted through a variety of systems, including PunchOut, cXML order processors, M2M, or IoT integrations.