XCentium's Managed Services Architecture

Migrating From On Prem

to the Cloud

Migrating from On Prem to the Cloud


Are you tired of managing on prem infrastructure? Consider working with XCentium's Cloud Services team, who are experts both in Azure and AWS Cloud Services, as well as Sitecore, Salesforce, Insite Software and Coveo. We will work with you through the following steps to ensure a seamless transition to the Cloud:


Sitecore Assessment

  • Current version of Sitecore
  • Define type of environments
  • Current hardware specifications
  • Determine project budgeting

Design & Planning

  • Define deployment and release pipelines
  • Define quality tooling and checks
  • Compare IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) to PaaS (Platform as a Service) architecture
  • Provide custom architecture based on client requirements
  • Define implementation go-live


Define WAF (Web Application Firewall) architecture

  • Define Security Protocols
  • Define access control hardening

Migration and Implementation

  • Move or Upgrade existing data
  • Move or Upgrade existing application
  • Create or Modify deployment and release pipelines



  • Define CDN (Content Delivery Network) architecture
  • Compress Static Content
  • Reduce first time to byte