Dave Stawinski, Vice President, Client Services

Dave is a 20 year digital veteran who empowers great teams to do great work.


Dave Stawinski, XCentium

Dave Stawinski, Vice President of Client Services at XCentium, has been working in the interactive business for 20 years.  He's worked with some of the world's biggest brands, like Coca-Cola, General Motors, Honda, Anheuser-Busch, Sony, Disney, Microsoft, the Library of Congress, The Grammy Awards, Nike and many others. Dave has extensive experience in all facets of interactive delivery and a host of technologies.  

His ideas have won awards, and his management skill builds great client relationships. 

Dave's experience leading both creative and technical teams allows him to span multiple disciplines, while maintaining a strategic focus–connecting the dots between business needs and solutions.

As a project manager, content strategist and UX specialist, Dave led production at interactive consultancy, DVELOP, serving clients like SeaWorld, Suzuki and Johnson & Johnson.  Before that, he led Interactive at Curiosity Group, where he delivered social media and branded experiences for clients like HP, Sega and Microsoft.  Prior to Curiosity, Dave was Project Director at Second Story Interactive Studio, where he led the team behind the Library of Congress New Visitor Experience, a multi-million dollar, multi-year re-imagining of how visitors interact with the nation's greatest repository of knowledge. Before Second Story, Dave led production at interactive experience marketing agency, BLITZ, where he led client engagement from the PM side and oversaw key accounts.  Prior to BLITZ, Dave was a Program Manager at award winning DNA Studio (now Whittman Hart) and enterprise software firm SeeBeyond (now a subsidiary of Oracle).

Dave’s familiarity with a broad spectrum of platforms and technologies make him a valuable leader.  Rich user experiences using various web stacks, mobile technologies, content management systems, commerce and enterprise integrations make up his expertise.

Dave thrives on creative challenges and leading great teams to delivery.