Amy Macgowan, Director of Business Development

Amy recognizes successful business starts with trusting relationships.

Amy Macgowan, XCentium

Amy Macgowan’s expertise is building long-term relationships. Her Business Development position at XCentium is a result of a relationship, with XCentium Partner Steve Miller, that began 35 years ago.

Do you enjoy sales people that talk endlessly about their product or service? That’s not Amy! Connecting with people and understanding their needs requires listening. After asking a bunch of question to truly understand your needs, she then brings together the appropriate, super qualified, XCentium team to help deliver the solution.

After graduating from UW- LaCrosse with a major in Accounting and minor in Marketing, Amy worked for a major accounting firm and passed the CPA exam. However, Amy quickly found there just wasn’t enough people contact and moved into technical sales.

A native Minnesotan, Amy recently moved to Tampa with her husband John, leaving behind her youngest daughter, Carly, and joining older daughter, Abby, in the sunshine state.

In her spare time, Amy enjoys workouts of almost any kind (she was a Group Fitness Instructor at Life Time Fitness for 25 years), cycling, hanging out with friends and entertaining.

Please email , or call (612) 805-7644 if you’d like to talk about your digital needs.