Aaron Bickle, Sitecore Architect

 For over ten years, Aaron has been building enterprise Sitecore solutions to meet complex business needs for his clients.

Aaron Bickle, XCentium

Aaron Bickle has over 10 years of experience working with a diverse set of platforms and languages, ranging from attorney case management systems to eCommerce solutions for B2B and B2C companies.

Prior to working with Sitecore, Aaron worked on solutions at ARGO Data Corporation, focusing on front-end development. He worked on a small team to rewrite their entire front-end toolset, and establish standards for writing maintainable and reusable code. Aaron's front-end background translates well into working on Sitecore solutions, and striving towards a strong component driven design. He is a huge proponent of designing for the Content Authors to ensure that they are able to utilize the platform to its strongest potential.

When Aaron isn't developing, he enjoys rock climbing and video games. He also has a borderline obsession with Batman, which has culminated in a few tattoos, his very own Bat Cave, and more apparrel than should ever be necessary.

Aaron has a degree in Computer Science, from Southern Methodist University.