XCentium Launches Flex Accelerator for Sitecore - A SaaS Solution for Mid-Market Companies

Flex Accelerator for Sitecore is a full service cloud offering built in partnership with Sitecore


Los Angeles, CA - February 19th, 2019XCentium today announced the launch and availability of their Flex Accelerator for Sitecore, a new SaaS solution offered as part of the Sitecore KickStart program. Designed specifically for mid-market organizations, Flex Accelerator for Sitecore enables Sitecore’s industry-leading digital experience platform to be deployed in a SaaS setting in as little as 30 days and at a starting price of $100,000 per year.

Flex Accelerator for Sitecore is home to several clients eager to use the new hosting model provided by the Sitecore KickStart program. Nexford University was the first to take advantage of the solution, with a new website built on Sitecore® Experience Platform version 9 only five weeks from hand-off to launch.

“We are very excited about the Flex Accelerator for Sitecore SaaS  service XCentium and Sitecore have provided. We were in the market for a turnkey, fast time-to-market solution based on a best-of-breed enterprise CMS. The introduction to XCentium’s Flex Accelerator for Sitecore solved all our requirements immediately,” said Paul Coleman, Chief Technical Officer of Nexford University.

“Nexford had incredibly tight timelines to go live. Alternative solutions from other providers had timelines that were triple or quadruple that of XCentium through Flex Accelerator for Sitecore. Our XCentium team was essentially able to start migrating Nexford to the Flex Accelerator SaaS solution on the first day, providing Nexford a much faster time to market and providing immense value,” said Martin Knudsen, Partner and Flex Accelerator Product Owner at XCentium.

“The market has been missing the combination of such an affordable, easy-to-use, and complete digital experience offering for small and midmarket companies,” said Mark Frost, CEO of Sitecore. “Sitecore KickStart and partner solutions like XCentium’s Flex Accelerator make it much easier to deliver world-class digital experiences. Now every company has the opportunity to connect with their customers in a highly personalized way that cultivates lifelong relationships.”

Flex Accelerator for Sitecore enables businesses without large design and development projects or budgets to leverage the power of Sitecore’s industry-leading digital experience platform without the worry of setup, maintenance, and support. A single, comprehensive contract covers a SaaS solution that includes licensing and upgrades, implementation and deployment, reusable components and layouts, vertical-specific themes, and fully-managed cloud services through XCentium.

In addition, Flex Accelerator for Sitecore features several notable key integrations, including the Brightcove video platform, along with marketing and sales automation platforms. In the near future, XCentium will offer integrations on Flex Accelerator for Sitecore with AI-powered search and recommendations engine front runner, Coveo, and content marketing management solutions from Stylelabs, a Sitecore company.

To learn more, please view the Flex Accelerator for Siteore website or request a demo. Kindly direct media requests to Corie Eckstrom at corie.eckstrom@xcentium.com.


About Nexford University

Nexford University enables greater social and economic mobility across the world by providing learners with access to high quality, affordable, dynamic education that prepares them for the global workplace.  They are creating a next-generation learning experience that will positively impact millions of lives around the world. Nexford University is an American university licensed by the Higher Education Licensure Commission in Washington DC.


About XCentium

XCentium is an award-winning digital consultancy. They help clients align their technology strategy with business objectives and leverage technology excellence to deliver superior results. XCentium engages customers on web and mobile, while helping clients their business in the cloud. Their core areas of expertise are UX, CMS, CRM, Commerce, Azure and AWS.


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