XCentium Delivers Pay Later Plugin For Sitecore Experience Commerce

First to deliver Pay Later option for

Sitecore Experience Commerce 9.0



Los Angeles, CA, November 27th, 2018 — XCentium, a full-service digital consultancy firm and a leader in the digital eCommerce industry, today announced they have created a new Pay Later plugin for Sitecore Experience Commerce, providing customers flexible payment options.

Considering the growing commerce trend to for customers to buy online and pay upon pickup or delivery, XCentium was excited to lead the way in integrating Pay Later with Sitecore Experience Commerce 9. Together, Kautilya Prasad, Sitecore Commerce MVP and Senior Architect at XCentium, and Vasiliy Fomichev, Sitecore Commerce MVP and Technical Director at XCentium, have been spearheading this effort as part of XCentium’s continuing path to lead the way in innovative eCommerce software implementation.

“A lot of ecommerce websites have started offering Pay Later option to customers. For example, when you are making a reservation for a hotel room, you are given an option to Pay Later. Another scenario is if your website allows Pick up in store, the customer may just want to pay in store while picking up the merchandise, but don’t forget, the customer would like to place an order online because he/she found the right product. Also, pay later is a very common scenario in B2B,” shares Sitecore Commerce MVP, Kautilya Prasad. “This simplicity of Sitecore Commerce framework allows us to implement this feature easily and elevate customer experience. Now you can pay via Credit Card, Gift Card, Cryptocurrency, or choose to Pay Later”

In recent years, ecommerce companies have been pushing the online payment boundaries from the traditional payment gateway methods to including gift cards and cryptocurrencies. A myriad of payment options have quickly gained appeal in the digital marketplace with the rapid rise of eCommerce.

Pioneers in the industry then developed a pay later methodology to appeal to several types of customers including: reserving online to later pay at brick and mortar establishments; purchasing items online to then pay at the store when picking up merchandise; and extensive purchasing for B2B companies, who need to buy online and then be invoiced for their products.

XCentium is excited be the first implementation partner to deliver this Pay Later plugin functionality to Sitecore Commerce customers. XCentium’s Pay Later plugin for Sitecore Experience Commerce is officially released in this article on XCentium.com for all developers to utilize.  XCentium’s Development team also has a suite of open source Sitecore Commerce plugins available open source on our GitHub page. We encourage people to explore our innovations, build upon them, and submit improvements through GitHub.

“At XCentium, we are passionate about innovation, often working nights and weekends to relentlessly pursue new capabilities that extend the already exceptional Sitecore Experience Commerce software,” said Vasiliy Fomichev, Sitecore Commerce MVP and Director of XCentium’s Sitecore Commerce practice.

For more information on XCentium’s Sitecore Commerce Plugin innovations, please refer to this informative webpage. To learn more about XCentium, please visit XCentium.com. For media or customer inquiries, please contact info@xcentium.com.


About XCentium
XCentium is an award-winning, full-service digital consultancy. We focus on User Experience, Content Management, Commerce, CRM, and Cloud.  Our goal is to help our clients align their digital strategy with business objectives, leverage technology excellence to deliver superior results, engage customers on the web and mobile and run their business in the cloud. XCentium is a Sitecore Platinum Partner, Gold Certified Microsoft Partner and Platinum Certified Insite Commerce Partner.

XCentium, a leading Sitecore Experience Commerce implementation partner globally, is also one of few Sitecore Platinum Partners with experience implementing the entire Sitecore Platform, including Sitecore’s CMS, Commerce, Cloud, EXM and PXM, enabling you to work with one software platform and one implementation partner for all your digital experience solutions.



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