What It Means To Be A Sitecore Platinum Partner

6 Key Features Which Set Sitecore Platinum Partners Apart from The Rest


We have all seen the title “Sitecore Platinum Partner” and may have a vague understanding of what this title really means. However, with Sitecore Symposium 2017 on the horizon, I felt it was time to dig into what sets this elite group of firms apart from the rest.  In my research, I found six key characteristics that this group, of fewer than 20 firms globally, has in common.


They Have Earned Sitecore’s Trust

When selling a Sitecore software license, it is very important to Sitecore to know that the company implementing the Sitecore Experience Platform software can be trusted to develop up a premier digital solution.  “Platinum Sitecore Partners are a field of exclusive firms that have earned Sitecore’s most coveted trust, and have proven again and again to be reliable and innovative partners to their clients,” shares Dave Stawinski, West Coast Practice Director at XCentium.  “All Platinum Partners have shown their ability to deliver large scale Sitecore solutions.  All live and breathe Sitecore, and are honored to lead the charge into an exciting future.”


They Have a Deep Expertise in Implementing Sitecore Solutions

As every client knows, there are many firms that implement Sitecore’s software. But as in every area of business, these firms are not equal with each other in abilities. Sitecore follows up with each client to determine which firms have the most extensive expertise in implementing Sitecore Solutions. “At XCentium, we view being awarded a Sitecore Platinum Partnership as both an honor and a responsibility as we recognize the trust bestowed on us by Sitecore with this partnership,” says Amrit Raj, Managing Partner of XCentium. “We blend our values of integrity and approachability with the passion to be the digital leader among Sitecore Platinum Partners. The XCentium team brings experience, innovation, and passion for Sitecore technology to each Client we interact with as we truly believe in aligning ourselves with the long-term success of our clients.”


They Develop All Solutions with Sitecore Principles

As a business, there is nothing worse than choosing and implementing a software, only to find out that the solution that took a lot of time and money to build becomes obsolete and incompatible when the software company releases a new version. Recognizing this, Sitecore developed their Helix Principles. By following these principles, digital solutions are not only compatible with the next upgrade of Sitecore, they also are easier to develop and faster to deploy to market. Sitecore MVP and XCentium Founding Partner, Martin Knudsen shares, “As a Sitecore Platinum Partner, XCentium strives to deliver exceptional and innovative solutions for our Clients.  Following Helix Principles, our team strives daily to be the leading Sitecore implementer, often developing first-in-industry solutions.  We feel it is important to leverage every aspect of the Sitecore platform, which has led to XCentium being one of very few partners that are able to holistically deliver digital solutions that combine Sitecore CMS, Commerce and Cloud.”


They Have Deep Sitecore Technical Experience

When working with clients, invariably the marketing or IT teams have objectives that are important to achieve. Many of these objectives involve either custom or third party integrations to the Sitecore Platform that are necessary in order to align both digital and business strategy goals. It quickly becomes inherently important to the success of the project to work with a partner that has a deep level of technical knowledge in Sitecore to make the implementation of the project successful. “As the leading Sitecore Commerce Implementation Partner, XCentium is passionate about expanding our technical expertise of the Sitecore Platform,” says Steve Miller, Founding Partner of XCentium.  “Our team is leading the way having developed first-to-market Voice Powered Commerce by connecting Amazon’s Alexa with Sitecore Commerce and publishing open-source plugins for often used applications for Sitecore’s Commerce Engine. Our comprehensive global B2B, B2C and B2B2C technical experience combined with the powerful Sitecore Commerce platform is a winning combination to drive eCommerce and exceed digital organizational goals.”


They Deliver Sitecore’s Vision at Scale for Multiple Clients

In order to achieve Platinum level status, a Sitecore Partner must consistently deliver outstanding results, client after client, month after month, and year after year. These firms must also deliver complex, enterprise projects that integrate with a multitude of third party integrations and ERP systems. “As a leading Sitecore partner, our dedication to and experience with Sitecore is what puts up in the platinum tier. We have unparalleled experience in leading clients through content strategy, providing successful marketing solutions, and are a proven delivery leader in the commerce space. Sitecore is at the core of what XCentium does; it is not one of the things we do, Sitecore is the thing we do,” says Matt Kloss, East Coast Practice Director at XCentium and Sitecore MVP.


They Are Seen as Sitecore Thought and Technical Leaders

Sitecore is committed to being both a thought leader and a technical expert in the marketplace and they expect the same commitment from their Platinum Partners. Many of these firms have multiple MVPs who are at the forefront of developing new technology and blogging about it on social media. “Innovation and R&D have always been a part of the XCentium’s DNA, helping us stay 'ahead of the curve’,” shares Vasiliy Fomichev, Sitecore MVP and Technical Director of Sitecore Commerce Practice at XCentium. “We don’t like to learn on projects, as that provides a negative experience for all sides involved, so we train our developers on new products and features ahead of time. We then go a step further and try to add features and extensions to the existing functionality that we feel would benefit our customers and set us up for success in the future projects. This is how the CS Demo Sitecore Commerce website was born that we demoed at the Sitecore Symposium 2016 with a continuously growing set of features, as well the 2017 Sitecore Commerce plugin initiative (github.com/xcentium). We are passionate about what we do and share it with our clients and the Sitecore community; the results speak for themselves.”


In Summary

Sitecore’s Partner Alliance Director, Alyssa Murphy, shares, “Sitecore Platinum Partners exhibit an outstanding knowledge of the Sitecore platform and have deep expertise in implementing the entire Experience Platform solution for our mutual clients. These partners have the ability to deliver Sitecore’s vision at scale and also have multiple Sitecore customer references and case studies. It is important for our Platinum Partners to have profound Sitecore experience technically but also have thought leadership and be seen as industry leaders in the community.  We are proud to have XCentium as a member of this elite Platinum Partner community.”

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