XCentium and CloudCraze make great B2B eCommerce solutions

Deepen Your Customer

Engagement with Salesforce

B2B Commerce Cloud

Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud (CloudCraze)

drives customer engagement for B2B companies


B2B buyers expect the same omni-channel experience that they receive as consumers of B2C sites. Salesforce® B2B Commerce Cloud (CloudCraze) allows B2B organizations to deepen the engagement with their buyers, simplifying the inherent complexity of B2B commerce. No other B2B software on the market can claim the following benefits within the Salesforce® ecosystem:

  • Offer Omni-channel B2C experience to your B2B users

  • Simplify B2B commerce complexity related to contract-based catalog and pricing, Request a Quote, Configurator, etc.

  • Use context marketing and marketing automation to personalize the buying experience

  • Wizard/ Guided Selling for complex/ configured products

  • Connected Salesforce® CRM and Commerce and 360-dgree view of your customers

  • Seamless integration to your back office ERP

  • Be fast, agile and reliable

  • Drive engagement with community, reviews and ratings

  • Grow your online business

Powerful Features to Deliver Enterprise Experience:

  • Enterprise-level B2B/B2C Commerce
  • Multi-storefront Experience
  • Cross-Channel Engagement
  • Mobile Cloud Commerce
  • Global/local Commerce
  • Fully branded configurable storefronts
  • Digital experiences using OOTB templates or custom
  • One Platform, One Database: Commerce is deployed in the same Salesforce Org as your CRM application
  • Intuitive, Non-technical Administration: Manage workflow, maintain data, search, and report using the standard Salesforce.com administration tools
  • 360º View of Customer and Customer Interaction
  • Consolidated Account and Commerce view within Salesforce
  • Call center ordering, quoting and service fully integrated with online channel and Salesforce applications
  • Community Collaboration
  • Enable customer-to-customer and customer-to-company collaboration within the storefront using Salesforce Chatter Communities
  • Social eCommerce
  • Create a social channel by leveraging Twitter and Facebook integration and connection to merchandise detail
  • Natively built-on Salesforce
  • Multi-tenant SaaS model from grounds-up
  • Global Salesforce cloud
  • Subscription pricing model offers 1-cost for running your Commerce