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Discover what experts in their fields have to say about Digital Strategy, eCommerce, Sitecore, Sitecore Commerce, Insite Software and more. Resources include thought leadership by some of the brightest minds in business and tutorials from some of the best developers in the country.


Digital Strategy Videos

Hear from leading companies who have implemented the Sitecore Experience Platform and received award winning results. Our team goes behind the scenes with Dine Brands Global and Russel Investments to give you an inside look at how they leveraged Sitecore, combined with XCentium's expertise, to deliver industry leading results. 

IHOP® and Applebee’s Grill + Bar® are iconic American brands of Dine Brands Global, one of the world’s largest full-service dining companies, franchise-run with more than 3,700 locations in over 18 countries. The restaurant business—with its thin margins and stiff competition—has never been easy. It’s even harder today because the market is mature; the only way to gain share is to win it from competitors. Applebee’s learned that the hard way a while back when some new menu offerings strayed from the traditional favorites customers prefer. Compounding the drag on business, Applebee’s online ordering spread confusingly across three different websites, depending on the access device. Slowdowns on high traffic days made frustrated consumers give up, causing revenue loss. IHOP offered no online ordering at all. Dine Brands moved quickly to reclaim its position in the restaurant food chain, by giving customers what they want: the right menus, great service, convenience—and an exceptional omnichannel experience delivered through Sitecore. The results speak for themselves: record company sales, winner of the 2018 Best Business ROI Sitecore Experience Award for North America and winner of the 2018 Ultimate Sitecore Experience Award for the Americas.

Russell Investments, Sitecore and XCentium share about the efforts that led to Russell Investments being named the Best in Digital Communication Among Asset Management Firms by Living Ratings, 2017. Video snippets are available on subjects including: personalizing the customer experience, complex content migration made simple, custom data and integrations made possible, multi-phase projects, and how the Sitecore platform can meet all business needs in one platform. For the full in-depth story, please watch "Digital Success with XCentium and Sitecore."  

Sitecore Commerce Tutorials

With four Sitecore Commerce MVPs, which is the most worldwide for one firm, XCentium is the leading voice on all things Sitecore Commerce related. Our team has been and will continue to be on the leading edge of Sitecore Commerce development. In these tutorials, our team shares from their immense Sitecore Commerce experience. From creating leading Sitecore Commerce accelerating plugins, to extending the Sitecore Commerce platform through our innovations, through being at the forefront of machine learning and artificial intelligence, our Sitecore Commerce team is truly top notch - and they are excited to share their experiences with you. Please check back as we are working on developing more videos over the next few weeks and months.

B2B eCommerce

Learn from leading industry experts, who combined have over 40 years in the B2B eCommerce industry. Chief Marketing Officer of MORSCO, Darren Taylor, is a highly sought after speaker in on B2B eCommerce marketing. He has led MORSCO through several acquisitions, as well as creating their best in B2B eCommerce rel="noopener noreferrer" digital solution. Eric Engmann, Director of Digital Marketing and Merchandising at MORSCO, has also been highly influential to the success of the MORSCO digital solution launch, including multiple brands and a nationwide presence. Lastly, eCommerce expert, Jeffrey Wright, former Chief Financial Officer of G & K Services, oversaw their expansion from a small mom and pop shop, to the nationwide success it is today, and currently sits on the boards of some of the most prestigious B2B eCommerce companies. Together, these gentlemen have been at the forefront of the B2B eCommerce industry, and graciously share their wisdom, expertise and guidance.

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