ETL Management for an Entertainment Company

Extract. Transform. Load. Mostly in that order.


This client was in the process of developing a new data warehouse.  Due to the labor required in this effort, they were not able to provide necessary support to their legacy data warehouse until conversion was complete. 


We learned their data warehouse structure, data sources and ETL processes, then took on 24 x 7 support for 4 months.  This involved monitoring nightly, weekly and monthly processes, responding to issues or outages, responding to user queries and increasing reliability where cost justified. 


Our client was able to complete the development of their new data warehouse and related reports with developers who had worked in the business for years in an efficient fashion while still providing information necessary to operate the business in the interim.


ETL Management

  • Research processes.
  • Monitoring processing in SSIS, Talend, SQL Server, Oracle.
  • Resolve issues and outages.
  • Ongoing user and vendor communication.

ETL Maintenance

  • Identify improvements in accuracy, reliability, maintainability.
  • Implement cost-justified improvements in SSIS, Talend, SQL Server and Oracle.

Key Integrations

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