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This Hi-tech industry leader has a broad set of products and services, as well as a large partner network that helps implement and manage its products in enterprise and SMB markets. Our client provides training and certification to its customers and B2B partners, allowing them to provide training to their buyers.

Our client has a Learning Management System (LMS) and periodically exported class content and schedules from the LMS as a PDF. Their buyers had to navigate through a static PDF to find class availability to register. Schedules were updated quarterly to include new and ongoing courses. At the time, registration was a manual process. It was not possible to track total seat counts, number of registrations, open seats and updates to class schedule or location.

Self Service eCommerce Portal for Training and Certification Portal  


XCentium worked with the client to design, implement and deploy an online training and certification portal using Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud (CloudCraze).

The solution:

  1. Allows users to browse real time training and certification class availability
  2. Gives up to date information on course details and related classes
  3. Offers class views:
    1. By location, including remote options
    2. By date
    3. By presenting company and instructor
    4. Course cost in local currency
    5. Seat availability
  4. Facilitates search for a class or course
  5. Enables online enrollment



“This will transform our Education Services Business,” says our client. The solution allows customers and B2B partners to search and browse for classes in a dynamic environment, with a much improved user experience. The portal also facilitates self-service eCommerce.


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"The LMS system of this organization is part of its continued support and commitment to customer service . Given that support and customer care are typically not profit centers for businesses,  the challenge for our customer was one all too familiar to many businesses - how can we make our dollar go further.  The customer had an existing investment in SalesForce. Using CloudCraze to drive the commerce transactions for its LMS catalog of courses and support offerings was not a difficult decision. The resulting integration between the LMS and SalesForce / CloudCraze provides an excellent value to user."

Thomas Wagner
Vice President, Commerce



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