Commerce Solution Helps Starlight Children's Foundation Serve Ill Kids

 Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud solution empowers Starlight Children's Foundation to expand and streamline services to Hospitals helping ill children worldwide



Starlight programs deliver happiness to seriously ill children through entertainment, education and technology. These programs are provided directly to children through Starlight's network of more than 800 childrens hospitals and other community health partners throughout North America. Starlight's US operations are based in Los Angeles, California. Since 1982, the non-profit has provided support to more than 60 million children in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK, where it has additional office locations and programs.

Starlight Children's Foundation


Starlight was working with a legacy Magento solution that it had outgrown. Requests for improvements and corrections were not being addressed by the implementation partners handling the Magento site. Since Starlight was already running Salesforce CRM, it was a logical consideration to use Salesforce B2BCommerce Cloud as a solution. 

The Starlight team wanted to work with a partner who would prioritize their need to get to market quickly, as its legacy ecommerce platform agreement was coming to an end. After a selection and review process, the Starlight team decided on Salesforce B2BCommerce Cloud and XCentium as its systems integrator. XCentium developed a multi-phase roadmap, which delivered the most essential elements of the solution in time to re-platform to Salesforce B2BCommerce Cloud.



Commerce relationships are complex, interconnected and entwined with multiple systems. Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud, through its use on the platform can operate easily in this environment. Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud has an API-first, microservices oriented architecture that supports front-office and back-office needs. This flexibility empowered the XCentium team to create a feature rich, clean transition from Magento to Salesforce.

By implementing Salesforce B2BCommerce Cloud, XCentium was able to help Starlight engage their customers with the same easy, consumer-like shopping experiences they enjoy in their personal life — anytime, anywhere, on any device. Some of the Starlight Children's Foundation solution highlights include:

Customization and Improvements
Starlight is a non-profit organization, working with a tight budget based on donations from the public and various corporate donors. XCentium was able to provide a number of customizations to the B2BCommerce Cloud making the system fit better within Starlight’s processes, while maintaining strict budget controls. Non-profits have needs like any other organization, but often have to be more creative in solving them. The choice of B2BCommerce Cloud is one such creative solution because Starlight programs are not for sale and don’t have prices, in the traditional sense. While they have a cost associated with them, hospitals receiving Starlight Children's Foundation programs do not pay for them.

UI/UX Improvements

It was important to Starlight that the hospitals they serve have an engaging website where staff would enjoy the user experience as they placed their orders. The XCentium team worked with Starlight to improve user flows and brand experience throughout the site, with key highlights including:

  • Designed with a clean modern interface that retains the visual elements, branding and styling of
  • Drastically improved the look and feel of the store compared to Magento driven predecessor site
  • Responsive design, mobile, desktop, tablet

Catalog and Order Management
In order to engage hospital staff and streamline Starlight’s internal workflow, XCentium created a catalog and order management system that was designed to improve the customer experience, while meeting their complex business requirements. Some features of the catalog and order management solution includes:

  • Ability to select size and design for Starlight’s Gowns - the non-profit's line of fun, comfy and colorful children's hospital gowns via attribute driven product selection screens
  • Easy setup of products using categorization to drive extensively different behaviors
  • Custom wishlist, aka “waitlist” for products that cannot be checked out directly
  • Integration of the waitlist with a Service Cloud based allocation form that picks FIFO products
  • Capability to quickly reorder items

Customer Management
Starlight’s legacy Magento system allowed each customer only one login, regardless of the number of buyers or users working for that customer. Effectively all departments at each hospital had to share the same login. Starlight had a vision of a complex, multi-faceted registration and login process which gave its admin personnel final approval authority. In order to facilitate Starlight’s goal XCentium created a customized self-registration flow for new users that includes domain-based approval processes. This process gave Starlight tight control over the registration of users that did not work for hospitals while keeping the process flexible for users registering from healthcare organizations.

Starlight is looking forward to the benefits derived from having all B2B and CRM data reside on the same Salesforce platform. Integrated custom reporting was impossible with the Magento legacy system, while it comes out-of-the-box with Salesforce. Starlight will have ongoing reports on topics like:

  • Registrations and requests by facility (organization, department and individual level)
  • Complex order history
  • By program hierarchy and individual program
  • By customer (organization, department and individual level)

Security and Compliance Requirements
With any organization in the Healthcare Industry, the security and compliance requirements are complex and demanding. Between Salesforce built in security features and XCentium’s experience providing security and compliance for large corporations, Starlight was in great hands. Security and Compliance considerations included:

  • Application security
  • Physical security
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Accessibility



Starlight was able to transition from Magento to Salesforce B2BCommerce Cloud as planned. The integrated nature of all data residing on the same platform has already shown itself as a key differentiator.


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"Starlight Children’s Foundation is pleased to offer our network of more than 800 children's hospitals and other health care facilities across the US exceptional access to our full range of Starlight programs and donated products thanks to our new B2B Commerce solution. The Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud delivers the capabilities we need, while ensuring strict adherence to all compliance regulations. XCentium has provided us with the functionality we need to deliver happiness to seriously ill children on a large, national scale. We look forward to continuing our partnership with the company as we look ahead to future initiatives.”

Samantha Martinez 
Vice President, Programs
Starlight Children's Foundation

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“It has been an honor for our XCentium to help the Starlight Children’s Foundation further their mission of helping hospitals serve ill children by building a solution on Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud that enabled them to expand and streamline their services, while increasing their digital customer service capabilities. We are excited to see what the future holds for the Starlight Children’s Foundation now that they have the right solution in place to help them grow.”

Thomas Wagner
Vice President, Commerce


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