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Innovative Solution for Health Care Sector Site

We transformed a custom legacy CMS into a best practices-loving, highly reliable Sitecore solution configured for zero downtime. Just like mom used to make.


Our client, a leader in health information online, needed a solution that could deliver 99.999% uptime, utilizing various CDNs and Cloud services along with a custom base server setup running Sitecore CMS.


The solution consisted of a best practices Sitecore build, using a modular approach to page layouts and a very complex and highly reliable server/delivery setup. 

Our client had a legacy system that needed to automatically be migrated to Sitecore using various scripting mechanisms.

We also built custom operations tools that communicated with the core of Sitecore and .Net to give a down-to-the-second view of the health of the website.

Multiple servers at various levels and hosting locations were deployed along with multiple specialized CDN services for media and content delivery.


The solution was deployed on-time, and within a few months, revenues from the web site started increasing drastically. The editorial staff now had tools they could only dream of before Sitecore was deployed. The ease of use and speedy publishing ability along with reliability of the infrastructure boosted this companies ability to operate online.

Project Highlights

  • CMS (Sitecore) Implementation
  • Project and Team Management
  • 1 year engagement
  • Solution architecture
  • Custom Module Framework for module/widget based page construction
  • Optimization for 1 million+ page views per day – bulk within 3-4 hour window – requiring 6+ web farm servers + Image CDN + Akamai
  • Custom server setup for Zero-downtime (every hour down would equal $20k+ revenue loss)
  • Zero-downtime deployment using custom deployment setup
  • Specialized Server health application contacting .Net and Sitecore for various status – displaying a graphical overview for Operation group of large LCD screens
  • Automated migration of Content from legacy system to Sitecore
  • Managed Team of 4 developers and trained 10+ editors
  • On-time delivery

Key Integrations

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