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Fortune 500 Client

New Store Through Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud Provides Online Course Registration



Our Client, a Fortune 500 leader, serves both enterprise and SMB clients. They needed a seamless, self-serving portal for their clients to discover, learn about and purchase products.



XCentium worked with our Client to design, implement and deploy a commerce portal using Salesforce B2B cCommerce Cloud (CloudCraze). 

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The solution:

  1. Allows users to browse the client’s online catalog, products and offerings
  2. Provides additional product information, including data sheets, features, benefits, and Related Products
  3. Enables subscription purchases with tiered pricing
  4. Offers guest or logged-in user checkout



The SMB storefront has been very well received by the client’s customer base. Since launch, site traffic has increased and online revenue has grown. The 24*7*365 open for business nature and ease of online commerce is much appreciated by customers. The storefront makes it easy for customers to find related products, bundles and promotions.


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"The SMB commerce site for this customer illustrates a solution to a problem that many businesses will recognize: "How can you get a commerce site stood up when your department or division has access to Salesforce but does not have the technical staff to build its own commerce site in a fast and cost effective manner?" Our Client utilized XCentium and CloudCraze to deliver a robust B2B eCommerce solution in a fast and efficient go-to-market timetable.  Collaboratively, we were able to quickly produce an eCommerce solution that integrates a considerable load of B2B security and network management tools."

Thomas Wagner
Vice President, Commerce



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