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XCentium was brought in to redesign and develop two Sitecore Experience Commerce websites for a global Healthcare company, who is a leader in medical research and education. Their previous site was previously maintained on Cold Fusion Solution, which had become outdated and expensive to maintain. XCentium was tasked to create a customer-centric store, enabling patients all over the world to quickly and easily find products they were interested in, view recommended products, and complete a simple login and checkout process. The results? Sitecore Commerce now delivers leading medical educational materials all over the world to help patients be healthy.



XCentium designed and developed the new Marketplace B2C solution for medical educational content, including books, subscriptions, DVDs, and more based on Sitecore.NET 8.2 and Commerce Engine.

XCentium built a scalable and flexible solution to serve the enterprise wide healthcare commerce needs, which included books, physical goods, DVDs, subscriptions, and more. This solution required a full redesign of the existing storefront, creating a responsive, modern design. At completion, patients were able to research all products across web, email, and mobile, providing the ultimate healthcare consumer experience.


Several custom integrations were created to expand Sitecore Commerce to fulfill our client’s requirements including: the current fulfillment and payment processor, identity management system, tax calculator and address validator. This facilitated a seamless integration of web content, product information and purchase transaction for patient consumption.


The new design implemented significantly improves its usability. With conversion and accessibility centered UI elements and flexible search, it is much easier for website visitors to find the products they are looking for. The streamlined checkout provides the ability to purchase products without having an account on the website for users concerned about privacy. However, flexibility was added to streamline the checkout, if users are registered with prepopulating their information in the checkout, significantly decreasing the time it takes to complete the purchase.


Sitecore helped our client realize significant impact with new eCommerce store

After several months of utilizing the store, our client shared that their customers seem to really enjoy the new user interface. Smart product recommendations, along with the updated User Experience, have resonated with patients, resulting in a significantly increasing the average order value. The streamlined product flow, combined with the ability to deliver personalized content, have all contributed to a substantial decrease in the customer bounce rate. All in all, Sitecore Commerce is helping deliver leading medical education and research all around the world, one patient at a time.


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