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Sitecore builds momentum


Supporting a complex CMS strategy and architecture helped this firm now and with future growth


Our client had a very complex digital strategy initiative with multiple stakeholders and sponsors. Their existing web properties were spread across multiple custom and out-of-the box systems which were of varying age and complexity. In addition, multiple systems needed to be migrated and transformed to meet the requirements of their highly-competitive consulting industry.



Sitecore Content Management System was selected as the platform; XCentium founders and principals led the initiative to architect and build a global solution to host multiple projects and web properties.

Joining forces with talented developers, design companies and a well organized client, the project quickly took shape and a core team was established.

An advanced custom Sitecore core foundation was built using .Net and Sitecore using a highly modular approach.

Multiple sub sites were built in a multi-site Sitecore solution - utilizing various customizations to Sitecore.

Mobile Templates and Layouts were deployed to Extranet sites in the multi-site solution to facilitate mobile access - specifically designed for different mobile templates for Blackberry and IOS / IPhone screen dimensions and functionality.

Data migration projects were also kicked off, moving large amounts of data to the solution using both manual and automated approaches.



The global change and organized approach to handling web properties using Sitecore quickly gained momentum. So much so that the various business units of the firm stood in line to move their web properties to Sitecore. The solution continues to grow to this day.

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