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Single sign-on

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User experience is improved in this complex integration, multi-site solution. 


Our client, a premier provider of identity theft and breach solutions, wanted their clients users to be able to automatically login to their chosen 3rd party Learning Management System after logging into the users Sitecore extranet profile eliminating the need to login a second time. With hundreds of sites that could be affected by changes in code and in the Sitecore templates, the challenge was to build a .NET / Sitecore solution that would permit our client to turn on/off single sign-on, at the clients discretion, without the other sites being affected as well as seamless integration of the Sitecore extranet and Learning Management System profiles for single sign-on.



XCentium professionals worked with the clients 3rd party Learning Management System provider to wrap up the Learning Management System API into a .NET solution that could be reused in any .NET solution not only in this project for our client.  We then worked with the client to put together a login process flow diagram that we used to integrate the Sitecore extranet profile with the Learning Management System profiles during account creation as well as during the login process for already existing users.  Through examination of the existing Sitecore templates and multiple site architecture we were able to identify, modify, and create only the items needed to handle the single sign-on process on a per site basis.



XCentium professionals completed the single sign-on project to our clients satisfaction and received additional follow-on work after the client was comfortable with our competency to perform. This project helped our client to meet the needs of their clients users by providing an overall better user experience for their customers.  Also, as a direct result the clients 3rd party Learning Management System provider benefited from this project by receiving the solution code that they can compile into a .dll that their other clients can use to connect to their Learning Management System API.

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