Process Improvement and Automation for a Global Bank

We helped this global bank re-engineer and automate their back-office operations and business processes. We're still close.


The bank had manual paper-based processes for handling all of its back-office operations. These processes required lot of work and cycle time and were error prone. The bank management did not have real-time visibility into pending, open, or closed transactions and overall status.



XCentium founders and principals worked with the bank in documenting as-is processes and in designing to-be process where several processes and steps were automated using a custom developed Microsoft .NET application.



The new business processes and back-office application was very well received by both the bank staff and management. New business processes were more efficient and automated and less error prone. The custom developed application automated several steps and processes and provided the flexibility and visibility the bank management was looking for.


  • Charter and Goals Identification
  • As-Is Process Identification and Documentation
  • To-Be Process Design
  • Process Automation Leveraging Technology Solutions
  • Multi-phase Implementation Roadmap Creation
  • High-level Cost and ROI
  • Multi-year Implementation Program

Key Integrations

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