Plowing through the Competition

Plowing Through the Competition

Sitecore Commerce solution powers leading manufacturer of innovative outdoor solutions


One of our customers, a leading manufacturer of innovative outdoor solutions for Turf maintenance, snow and ice management, and other outdoor equipment, acquired a company about two years ago. This company is a leader in the snow and ice management vertical with a growing line up of plows for trucks, UTVs, and ATVs, salt and sand spreaders and box plows built for the snow and ice management professional, as well as for the homeowner.

Both companies pride themselves on the relationships they build with their customers and, as a result, both have a large network of loyal distributors, repair facilities, and sales partners.  They deliver innovation through a wide array of products and provide market leadership through the guiding principles of trust and integrity. They believe in superior B2B and B2C customer focus, backed up by the reliability and craftmanship of the products they sell.



To improve the customer rel="noopener noreferrer" experience (UX) for B2B customers, gain greater market share in the B2B space, and compete with industry-leading B2B and B2C sites, the customer contracted XCentium to add Sitecore Commerce capabilities the current site.  This included shopping cart functionalities, increased account management features like saving hashed credit card numbers and storing them in the users account profile, address management, and order history, so users have access to previous products they purchased.



Design and Architecture Solution

Built on the Sitecore Experience Commerce platform, our customer required integration to several systems where the two major components were SAP and the customer’s single sign-on technology.  The initial phase of the project laid the foundation for integrating disparate systems in future phases, like address validation service, and coding for new functionality like multiple credit cards on file for the user.



As a retailer in a niche market, and facing fierce competition for replacement parts, our customer needed to take their current site, which allowed customers to only email in an order to Customer Service for processing, to an online presence which included the following features:

  • Provides a quick simple and shopping experience.
  • Reduces manual entry into the Order Management system.
  • Enhances the customer experience with their brand.


Our customer fully expects to see increased revenue from the site’s new online ordering capability.  User’s now have an engaging B2B customer experience featuring “one-stop shop,” which provides near-real-time visibility to orders placed and information about when to expect the order.  Our customer also expects to see gains from their improved Customer Service capabilities.  With manual order entry behind them, Customer Service staff are now freed up to sell and support their customer base with additional product suggestions, upsells, warranties, and other features.



Keys to Success

This customer leveraged XCentium’s deep knowledge of the lawn care business and site to successfully deliver an enhanced, revenue-generating online presence as well as cost-cutting on manual data entry.  These keys to success drove the project:

  • Leveraging components from a previous project for our client to deliver a faster go to market ecommerce strategy.
  • Investing time in modeling the customer journey ensured a world class B2B customer ecommerce experience.
  • Deploying on Azure assures scalability, security and georedundancies.


Our customers choose XCentium for our deep knowledge of eCommerce practices for B2C and B2B companies, from healthcare, to high-tech, to the manufacturing and rel="noopener noreferrer" distribution space.  Our extensive Sitecore Commerce and .NET-based ecommerce practice made XCentium the right choice for this customer.


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This project brings valuable benefits to our client, from both a revenue perspective as well operational efficiencies.  When a project’s benefits intersect with business knowledge and previous experience with the client, that’s a recipe for success.

Steve Miller