Online Store for Digital Goods for International Consulting Firm Launched on Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud

Online Store For Digital Goods Powers International Consulting Firm

New B2B eCommerce store launches on  

Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud



Our client, an international management consulting firm, needed to find a way to provide faster customer service and product purchase / renewal cycles, while tackling a complex pricing structure and streamlining an extensive product catalog, covering 110 countries.



Our client’s data encompassed reward information on 20 million professionals in 110 countries. This data, in the form of digital subscriptions/downloads, is utilized by customers all over the world; most notably by almost all Fortune 100 organizations.

XCentium worked with this client to design, implement and deploy a commerce portal using the Salesforce B2B Commerce platform, previously CloudCraze.

This solution provided the following features:

  • Allowed customers to quickly search and purchase digital products across geographic regions
  • Allowed for data loading and updates via SAP Dataservices
  • Provided ERP integration with SAP using webservices
  • Integrated with Avalara Tax Service (for US based tax calculations)
  • Integrated with Paymetric, including the creation of a Salesforce NTLM security client
  • Prepared data for seamless integration with a digital fulfillment system

Using Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud allowed us to iterate quickly on the design and structure of the portal in order to deliver a high-end experience that is attractive and works equally well on mobile or desktop devices.



After successful completion of Phase 1 of the project, our client has begun roll out of the portal to specific customers based on volume, contractual obligations and product types needed. The portal has been well received and will help to reduce catalog complexity and increase customer service.






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"The commerce requirements of our customer presented several opportunities to explore a broader back-end integration. Among other challenges, the XCentium team built a solution that allowed authentication of requests between Salesforce and a legacy  security protocol (MS NTLM). As one team member put it: ”Anyone can create capable solutions with cutting edge tools – its overcoming the challenges of legacy systems that made a difference. Legacy systems are the reality in most companies  and we excel at integrating with them."

Thomas Wagner
Vice President, Commcerce

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