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New digital solution facilitates running entire Healthcare Association business online


A national Healthcare Association partnered with XCentium to create a back end solution with the Sitecore Experience Platform for their new website design. The client wanted to run their entire business online to support and educate Healthcare professionals, while focusing on the user experience. Their secondary goal was to harness the power of the Sitecore Experience Platform for their marketing and analytics needs.


Healthcare Nurses  



Because the client wanted to run their entire business online, the Sitecore Experience Platform was the best software choice.  This enabled the client to leverage the power of machine learning for personalized marketing, analytics to determine best ways to market to customers, as well as multivariate A/B testing to determine how their clients respond to various advertisements.


The XCentium team created two customized integrations on the Sitecore Experience Platform for this client:

 netFORUM Association Management System. The AMS software enables an association to:

  • Store and edit member information in a database
  • Create, track, renew and purchase memberships
  • Omnichannel communication with members
  • Organize member events and sell tickets
  • Publish and produce video and text messaging

Solr Search, an open enterprise search platform. Features include:

  • Full text search
  • Hit Highlighting
  • Real time indexing
  • Dynamic clustering
  • Database integration
  • NoSQL features
  • Rich document handling



This national Healthcare Association was able to port over extensive business processes and information to a new technology platform while also upgrading their association management software. The Sitecore Experience Platform CMS also enabled the client’s marketing team to make changes to their new website without having to go through their IT team.


A member dashboard was also created so that each Healthcare professional that signs up for a membership can login and see a customized dashboard unique to them. It has the ability to feature events the member signed up for, classes they have already taken, and how many continuing education hours they still need. 


While the client does have a new updated design courtesy of an external agency, the true change for this national Healthcare Association is the technology that is empowering them to treat their members to a dynamic user experience.



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The client required extensive integration with their Association Management System (netFORUM), which ran everything from the customer database, to the shopping cart, to event registration. We were able to find a solution that leveraged Sitecore’s flexibility and personalization, while still working in the confines of an environment where all data and business logic went through the AMS.

Uy Tran
Director, Product Development


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