Morsco B2B Commerce Makeover

As MORSCO grows larger, its websites get a fresh new look and feel.

Want a web presence while your B2B eCommerce solution is being built? We have just the thing.


Due to a strong acquisition strategy, the rapid growth of our client resulted in the need for a company-wide look and feel across the websites for all of their business units.  MORSCO, a leading U.S. distributor in local contractor supplies, operates in 10 states with over 130 branches, and 2,000 associates. The websites that existed already for these units varied greatly in design, features and functionality. The majority of the new sites were to be created as content only brochure sites with the prospect of becoming business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce solutions in the relatively near future.


Although ultimately these web properties would become eCommerce solutions, our client needed an immediate live web presence for each business unit that would carry a similar structure and design throughout.  InsiteCommerce was selected for the platform across all of our client’s sites for its ability to allow XCentium to first create a content-driven site, and later rapidly enhance it with eCommerce capabilities.

XCentium began creating a template solution for all of MORSCO’s unit websites.  Keeping in mind that each unit had unique characteristics and features, XCentium relied on the ability of InsiteCommerce to allow personalized customizations for each project while maintaining the foundation of a fluid eCommerce solution throughout all of them.


Within a period of just over two months, three websites were launched for MORSCO:

These web properties allow for MORSCO to generate a new, unified web presence for all their business units while preparing to convert each to eCommerce solutions.  As a result, all three websites provide a common look and feel to the MORSCO family, but include features to suit the needs of each individual business.

Thanks to InsiteCommerce and proper planning, these sites will eventually become ecommerce solutions and in the meantime provide necessary functionality for our client. 

InsiteCommerce’s Content Management allows for the client to add, remove or update site content seamlessly from any location.  Its user interface allows for advanced control with content editing and approval processes to better analyze the quality of content changes. In addition, InsiteCommerce’s Management Console administration tool allows for our client to better customize certain aspects of their websites with advanced application settings and tools.

Morrison Supply, the newest addition to MORSCO’s live InsiteCommerce sites provides a sleek content-based website for its high volume of visitors to navigate through with ease.  On any device, Morrison Supply’s visitors can view the company’s promotions, apply for employment, view high-definition videos of its showrooms, search through its 105 branch locations, and enjoy the rest of its various features.

Until Morrison Supply becomes a full ecommerce based website, we have built a solid foundation to allow our client to have a strong web presence with total CMS and console management functionality.  As the time nears for the site to evolve into an ecommerce site, it will be a fluid transition from where the website currently stands.

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XCentium's business and technical acumen has allowed us to roll out our national brand strategy in exceptional time to market.

Darren Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer, MORSCO

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“The professional expertise of both the Morrison Supply team enabled us to quickly develop a market leading B2B Commerce distribution solution. Morrison Supply’s commitment to world class customer service allowed is showcased throughout their new site.”

Steve Miller, XCentium 

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