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Sitecore. It's not just for websites. See how we leveraged the power of Sitecore to get business-critical information to the field faster, and without development. 


The client's original iPad application housed content and tools needed for their sales staff to present the value proposition, investment platform and related services to existing and prospective customers. But it was manually modified and distributed on a quarterly basis to ensure that the content and tools were up-to-date and accurate. This manual process required a lot of development overhead. Additionally, the distribution method for the updated application was time-consuming and had no automated capability to ensure users were accessing the latest updates.



Since Sitecore was already in place as the foundation for existing CMS activities, we utilized the CMS to build the iPad app. 

We built a complete iPad application within the Sitecore CMS – all views and data are managed within Sitecore. A custom purpose-built program publishes the application structure and data to a structure which is served to the application from a secure location on another server (due to security restrictions).

When launched with internet connectivity, the app synchronizes with the secure location to identify via checksums if any changes have been made (views/screens/dynamic calculators/data). It then intelligently updates, or allows the user to pick which parts of the data he/she needs to synchronize.

When used in the field where internet connectivity might not be available, the app launches with the latest data and functionality. It uses PDFs and HTML5 to function when the iPad is offline.



  1. Time-savings related to manually updating and distributing new “versions” of the application
  2. Time-savings related to modifying the application
  3. Decreased risk related to out-of-compliance content or inaccurate data being used by regional sales representatives

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