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When a firm that leads in Information Security Services selects Salesforce®, some customization is likely. Shhh!


The client is a leader in the Information Security Services market and delivers enterprise-class protection and compliance for businesses of any size. The client was using a legacy billing application and financial data from this system was needed in Salesforce so Sales and Customer Support reps could see account's financial history and health. The client also wanted to develop some custom pages and controls to show data on Google Maps.


XCentium founders and principals worked with the client to:

  • Develop .NET Windows Service which synced data from legacy billing system with Salesforce® using Salesforce® API.  The process consumed text files of accounting data and updated the corresponding Salesforce® Account and Contact records
  • Develop Salesforce® VisualForce page which consumed web service and rendered the content.  The web service contained financial data which was merged with Salesforce® Account information to render the pages
  • Develop .NET User Control which consumed Salesforce® data using Salesforce® API.   Data was used to render a Google Map in the user control
  • Project Management


Integration with the legacy billing application allowed users to view complete account and contract data within Salesforce® without switching to another application.


  • Salesforce customization® - fields, screens, modules
  • Apex and Visualforce custom coding
  • Integration of Salesforce® with legacy billing application
  • Integration of Salesforce® with Google maps
  • Project Management 

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