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Email Marketing Solution

for Sports Company

This Sports Business needed their email marketing to utilize new data sources, and they needed it during their busiest season.


Our client, a seasonal sports business was developing a new email marketing mechanism to contact millions of customers each day.  Doing this required customer segmentation data which could best be generated from an Oracle data warehouse.  Current segmentation processes worked from an OLTP SQL Server source. 



We identified the existing processes providing the current functionality in a diverse environment.  We then helped the client identify the processes that were not necessary in for email marketing.  We then converted more than 40 processes from T-SQL to Oracle and a complete different schema using automated processes where possible.  These processes were thoroughly tested to identify and reconcile every difference between current and new processes.  The 600+ uses of these processes were converted using an automated utility we developed to convert the stored procedure names and parameters, most of which had to be changed. 



The client was able to segment customers in the new environment so they could be contacted about upcoming deals and opportunities.  Conversion was completed successfully during the client’s busy season.


Processing review

  • Review business needs.
  • Research current processes.
  • Research mapping of original to new data sources.

Process Conversion

  • Develop template for converted code.
  • Convert T-SQL to PL-SQL.
  • Refactor slow, unnecessarily complicated processes wherever possible.
  • Perform performance tuning where necessary.
  • Completely test new processes. 

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