Global Biotech Firm Launches New Informative Website

Solution Provides Information for Patients Regarding New to Market Medicine


A global BioTech firm partnered with XCentium to develop a patient information website to support a new medicine, which was first in it’s class. This website needed to convey information regarding the disease diagnosis, why the medicine was prescribed, how the medicine is administered and what potential side effects exist along with insurance information. The client's main concern is that the website and all information on it consistently needs to be compliant with legal and government regulations.


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This pharmaceutical website was deployed on Sitecore 8.2. This simple, one page scrolling website was developed in a relatively short time. All development of this website was completed using Sitecore’s Helix principle. Using Sitecore best practices and the Helix standards provides and array of benefits to business including:

  • Avoiding potential roadblocks or dead ends in projects due to better quality with Sitecore implementations
  • Faster time to market
  • Able to extend, change, and upgrade easier than previous versions of Sitecore when requirements change



This Biotech Firm has a technologically advanced website that is capable of gathering information as their patients visit their site to research information. Meanwhile, the Sitecore software the digital solution is built on provides complete compliance for all government regulations. 




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Sitecore, with its unparalleled content management system, is a great fit for companies in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries. Due to heavy government regulation, websites will often see frequent updates to content, prior to and right after launch. The ability to quickly make updates through easily configured workflows, allows Healthcare and Pharma marketers to keep their websites compliant and ensure that content is always in line with marketing messaging and required safety information."

Jeff Chung
Vice President, Client Services


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