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The power of personality builds a healthy online community

Denise Austin needed a website to communicate her energy and enthusiasm for fitness. Time to get in shape.


We created a ground-up re-platform for that features user accounts with timed delivery of video content, recipes, and weight loss tracking. It also integrates with Salesforce to create a repository of user information to handle customer inquiries, billing, and customer service logging.



The new site features daily content delivered to a user dashboard that allows members to see their workout for the day, view suggested meals and swap out if needed from a printable weekly overview page. Users can rate and review their favorite recipes and workouts and cheer each other on using the buddy tracking system and forum. Members receive motivational and program monitoring emails to help keep them on track to their weight loss goals. The new site is also mobile-friendly, featuring a responsive design that adjusts between desktop, tablet and mobile screen sizes to allow users to participate in the program wherever they may be.

The site was built using Wordpress CMS, Salesforce CRM, Vimeo, Authorize.Net and Paypal and AWS.

Key Integrations

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