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Sitecore video solution

This video solution we built on Sitecore CMS was pretty cool. So we introduced it to the client's Salesforce CRM, and they really hit it off.


Our client, Yogaworks, a well-known leader in in-studio yoga in North America for over 20 years, envisioned a video streaming site which allowed its members to practice and exercise in the comfort of their home. In order to accomplish this, the site had to provide video streaming, allow editors to alter site content easily, manage the subscription of its users, allow easy customer relationship management as well as provide up to the minute analytics about the use of the site and the video usage.



We integrated several leading products and services to create a unified and cutting edge solution. The site leverages Sitecore Customer Engagement Platform (Web Content Management and Digital Marketing System) as the core platform and integrates with the Ooyala’s video management and analytics suite for streaming video content to desktop and mobile devices and tablets. For billing and subscription, Recurly, a leader in online billing and subscription services, was selected and their solution was integrated with Sitecore. We chose as the CRM solution and Sitecore and the main website was integrated with 



Through the integration of key products and services, we enabled the client to focus primarily on content and video creation and not on technical challenges of running a highly advanced site. They are able to also focus on the analytics of their site to better fine tune the site’s content and the usage patterns of the site. 


The site was launched in March of 2013 and has received great reviews from the client and their subscribers.

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