Custom Reporting for Mortgage Services Business

This project helped our client comply with new reporting regulations stemming from the 2008 Mortgage Crisis. 


Our client, a cutting-edge mortgage services company, experienced dramatically-increased analysis and reporting requirements due to legal changes after the 2008 Mortgage Crisis.  They also had additional reporting requirements from their own efforts to reduce or prevent foreclosures, while satisfying the investors holding the mortgages.



We studied this client's reporting needs, and the processes by which they produced reports.  There were several technical impediments to accomplishing their tasks, such as SQL Server instances which were beyond their “end of support” dates, and for which there was no automated update path.  We updated these servers, including all internal objects to the latest version.  We also discovered significant redundancies in their processes which we identified to them and assisted in eliminating.



Streamlined processes reduced the cost of producing scheduled analyses and reports and resulted in more timely production.  Staff availability reduced the turn-time on investor-requested ad-hoc reports.  The client and their investors were well-satisfied with the result. Project highlights include:

Mortgage Services domain knowledge

Analysis and reporting process optimization

  • Study business requirements.

  • Review manual & automated processes.

  • Restructure processes.

Complex, multi-version SQL Server update

Key Integrations

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