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Our client, a leader in the financing industry, needed to define and implement proper web strategy and governance for their growing portfolio of Sitecore solutions and initiatives. And follow best practices in doing so.


The client had worked with Sitecore for approximately 18 months, but without the necessary strategy and governance to guide their efforts.

The result was that their projects got completed, but without following best practices so they were difficult to maintain and extend.

The solution was to define and implement a web strategy and governance on the following levels:

  • Strategy, goals and policies for using Sitecore within the organization
  • Governance and the tactical approaches for executing strategy with focus on best practices, multi-site implementation, multi-lingual solutions, DMS utilization, workflows, reusability and the policies around these topics
  • Development Manual for Sitecore-related topics to act as the reference for future Sitecore implementation projects
  • Roadmap for current and expected future Sitecore-based projects

The project was carried out over a period of 2 months with the purpose of servicing as the entry point to a set of new and highly-prioritized solutions. 


The Strategy, Governance and Development manuals are being used as references for decision making, requirements specification and implementation. They have resulted in solutions that are implemented faster, with greater flexibility and maintainability, and to a higher degree meeting the expectations of business level users.

The strategy and governance, together with the roadmap, have meant better and more focused planning for Sitecore-based projects.

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