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An overview of using custom Solr commands to extend Sitecore's integration with Solr to solve a real world example with replication.

Installing Sitecore 9 on your local dev machine took some work, but you managed to do it. Now it's time to upgrade your actual servers and solution. Here are some common issues you can run into when upgrading to Sitecore 9.

You have created custom SolrNet calls, but may have encountered the following exception:

Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.
---> Microsoft.Practices.ServiceLocation.ActivationException:
Activation error occured while trying to get instance of type ISolrOperations`1, key "Some_index"
---> System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: The given key was not present in the dictionary.

I recently worked on an engagement in which the parameters of the project required us to use version 3 of the Brightcove Video Connect for the Sitecore Experience Platform. An additional aspect of the project was that we were using Solr instead of Lucene. Anyone who has worked with or researched this version of the Brightcove connector, is familiar with the fact, that out of the box, this version only supports Lucene indexing for content search.