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The new dashboard for Sitecore Forms has a button that allows a user to export their form data to a CSV file. When clicking on that button, you can choose to export all data or a specific date range. Interestingly enough, when that CSV gets generated, it shows up with semi-colons as the delimiter. Under normal circumstances, this wouldn't be a big deal, except that the export provider forget to tell the file that it uses a semi-colon as the delimiter. This results in the file not gracefully opening in Excel. This popped up in a question on Slack today, and I remembered that we applied a "fix" for this in a project. Read on to see how this is something that can be easily rectified!

Sitecore 9 Forms is a powerful upgrade from WFFM. It provides a simple interface that allows the user to easily create forms on demand, and collect information from their visitors. For longer forms, the creation process can be a bit tedious and repetitive. This prompted me to leverage Sitecore PowerShell to create a script that will parse a JSON file and generate a form. Now the repetitive stuff can be managed via copy/paste. All of the scripts and an installation package can be found over at GitHub: Sitecore - Json To Forms. Continue reading to learn more about the thought process that brought these scripts to life.