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Learn from leading industry experts, who combined have over 40 years in the B2B eCommerce industry. Chief Marketing Officer of MORSCO, Darren Taylor, is a highly sought after speaker in on B2B eCommerce marketing. He has led MORSCO through several acquisitions, as well as creating their best in industry, B2B eCommerce digital solution. Eric Engmann, Director of Digital Marketing and Merchandising at MORSCO, has also been highly influential to the success of the MORSCO digital solution launch, including multiple brands and a nationwide presence. Lastly, eCommerce expert, Jeffrey Wright, former Chief Financial Officer of G & K Services, oversaw their expansion from a small mom and pop shop, to the nationwide success it is today, and currently sits on the boards of some of the most prestigious B2B eCommerce companies. Together, these gentlemen have been at the forefront of the B2B eCommerce industry, and graciously share their wisdom, expertise and guidance.