Sitecore Vault


Vault for Sitecore offers multiple convenient tools to enhance the Sitecore CMS Platform

What is Vault?

Vault extends the Sitecore platform to allow Enterprise Architects, IT Teams and Content Authors to version, archive, track and report on all content related events. Additionally, Vault also allows IT Teams to easily track and manage what content is deployed on which server/environment in large distributed Sitecore environments.

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Why Vault is needed

With Vault you can track, capture, and store all events across all interfaces of Sitecore. No more wondering who changed or published content with Vault's version control. Get side by side change comparison of any version of the content and a complete list of events captured.

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History Database

With the history database feature you can view the state of the Sitecore content and website at any given time in the past.

Advanced Reporting

Vault provides custom reporting to view all changes in your Sitecore solution

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