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Bridging the gap between IT and Marketing

The last of couple years have shown a clear shift of responsibility from IT to Marketing when it comes to corporate websites. Previously, websites was a thing a company just had to have to be in tune with the times - Today, it is oftentimes a key driver in a company's sales and its primary public facing communications tool. The shift caused IT to let go of the ownership and more or less forced them to hand over the keys to Marketing - at least partially. 

The websites of 2015 and beyond have to be a brainchild of not only IT, but also Marketing and the broader business. This forces the need of new underlying technologies that not only focus on delivery of information but also enables the delivery of a customized and personalized experience. The software running a website has to take into account what the user wants out of the website, even before the user really knows what the site offers of information and interactivity.

Furthermore, IT (who is typically responsible for the build out and maintenance of the website) needs to think more about creating tools and features for Marketing to operate the site versus the previous buildout of pages and designs in a more static fashion.

At XCentium, we enable both IT and Marketing with the tools they need to bridge their relationship in this new reality. We provide IT with the new skills to understand, developer and deploy tools and platforms like Sitecore, while we train and walk Marketing through the steps of understanding and embracing digital marketing technology.