XCentium Managed Services Overview

Sitecore Commerce Managed Cloud

A Fully Managed Solution frees you from infrastructure maintenance and service continuity support. 

Sitecore Commerce Managed Cloud is an end-to-end solution

designed to make Sitecore worry-free


Our Sitecore Commerce Manage Cloud offering focuses on the overall health of your Sitecore Commerce solution and incorporates maintenance and support so you can focus on what is important to you.

• Migration from on-premise and cloud solutions
• Sitecore Architecture planning
• Sitecore version updates*
• Solr Support
• Proactive Maintenance
• Reactive 24x7 Support Team

As a Sitecore Platinum Partner we have the expertise to ensure your solution is functioning at its peak 24x7x365. We configure, deploy, host, and monitor a solution tailored for you in your Azure subscription or choose to deploy it in our Azure subscription for the complete SaaS experience.

Our global Tier 1 staff is a phone call away 24x7x365 with US based Tier 2 and Tier 3 on call rotation which include Sitecore MVPs, Sitecore Engineers, Cloud Architects, SOLR Engineers, Mongo Engineers, and more to ensure that you have all the support you need. 


Our Team Can Help

Our DevOps team can help bring Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery to your process. Whether you have an existing solution or are starting on a brand new Sitecore implementation, our team can help you with:

• Automated builds and deployments
• Reduce your deployment time
• Deploy your code and changes with 0 downtime
• Automate the build, and rebuild, of your entire Sitecore architecture

Our customized process ensure that deployments are painless. By incorporating custom build and deployment steps, as well as customizations in your solution, we can ensure that your site is completely warmed up and ready to go before being moved into production. This works not only for deployments, but is also incorporated during autoscaling. This ensures that your site is completely warmed up and performing at peak its before it impacts your end users.

* Updates do not include any code changes or development support




Sitecore Commerce Managed Cloud




Sitecore Commerce Managed Cloud Support Levels by XCentium

Sitecore Commerce Managed Cloud Support Levels by XCentium




Sitecore Commerce Managed Cloud Standard Topologies by XCentium