XCentium's DevOps Services

Sitecore Managed Cloud DevOps

XCentium's DevOps team can help bring Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery to your process


Whether you have an existing solution or are starting on a brand new Sitecore implementation, our team can help you with

  • Automated builds and deployments
  • Reduce your deployment time
  • Deploy your code and changes with 0 downtime
  • Automate the build, and rebuild, of your entire Sitecore architecture


Our customized process ensure that deployments are painless. By incorporating custom build and deployment steps, as well as customizations in your solution, we can ensure that your site is completely warmed up and ready to go before being moved into production. This works not only for deployments, but is also incorporated during autoscaling. This ensures that your site is completely warmed up and performing at peak its before it impacts your end users.