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XCentium Commerce in a Box

Enabling SMB Businesses to Launch a Commerce Portal on Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud

Launch a Successful Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud Portal in Weeks with XCAB


XCentium has partnered with Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud (CloudCraze) to build and offer a best-of-breed B2B eCommerce solution, XCentium Commerce in A Box (XCAB). This product allows small-to-mid market companies to quickly and efficiently launch their digital commerce channels using Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud (previously CloudCraze) and pre-built pages, integrations and MVP features. Most importantly, it gets you to market faster, with the lowest investment options possible. Once live, clients can easily and quickly iterate and evolve based on their needs and customer feedback. XCentium's Commerce in a Box is available in XCAB Standard or XCAB Advanced.


XCAB Standard:

SMB B2B eCommerce features including:
  • Commerce Storefront
  • Commerce Management
  • Management Marketing & Customer Management
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Launch in 4-6 weeks
  • Cost effective solution
  • XCAB Standard enables you to launch an eCommerce Portal quickly and affordably. Download the complete details:

    XCentium Commerce in a Box Standard

    XCAB Advanced:

    Includes all Standard features, plus B2B Specific features including:
  • Personalization
  • Customer-contract based pricing
  • Customer-contract based catalog
  • CSR buy-on-behalf-of-customer
  • Pre-defined templates & processes to migrate data from backend systems. Download the complete details:
  • XCentium Commerce in a Box Advanced



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    In the Age of Amazon and Alibaba

    The B2B industry is experiencing a monumental shift driven by customer needs and buying habits. Industry leaders, like Amazon and Alibaba, have revolutionized the distributor-retailer model by directly connecting buyers with suppliers and manufacturers. This shift has pushed large brand manufacturers (e.g. Nike), distributors (e.g. Grainger) and retailers (e.g. Walmart) to invest heavily in their own ecommerce initiatives to grow direct sales, drive-down prices and increase the ease of doing business.

    All of this has put lot of pressure on small-to-mid market (SMB) manufacturers and distributors to launch their own digital commerce channels that offer features similar to the market leaders. For SMB companies, launching a successful online ecommerce program requires investment in marketing, IT, infrastructure, integrations, changes to existing business processes and sometimes channel conflicts.


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