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Integrations with Sitecore Experience Commerce


E-commerce websites never exist in isolation, unlike marketing or brochure websites. 


Online shop implementations tend to be much more complex due to variety of system integrations that come together for specific purposes. Most of our implementations include integrations with various internal and third party services starting from ERPs and CRMs to the post office shipping calculations and fulfillment systems.


Over the years we have done many different types of integrations. We are highly skilled on the middle tier creation with specialists covering the process from ground up - from the architecture to implementing industry recommended practices. We have experience with connected and disconnected architectural designs, push, pull, near-real time and multi-regional implementations.


Here are some examples of the types of integrations we most commonly see in our projects and have extensive experience in -


Product Information

Although Sitecore Experience Commerce allows product management in the Merchandising tool of the Business Tools set, most frequently, a product's lifecycle starts in a backend system, such as an ERP. We help to synchronize products between the two systems, bringing them from the backend into Sitecore, where we can augment that data with additional website-related marketing content.


Digital Asset Management

Similar to product information, media assets related to products such as images and videos, or digital products themselves, such as streaming or download files tend to reside in a separate system for ease of management and maintenance. We help integrate these systems with the SXC from a simple link to synchronization or real-time data provider.



The inventory information, similar to the product data, tends to live in a backend system, such as an ERP. At times it can live in multiple places, depending on the region, warehouse or simply be decentralized where updates come in from multiple systems. Whether it is centralized or not, we can help provider near real time or periodic synchronization, or live calls to the external system, making that information available to Sitecore Commerce.


Dynamic Pricing

Although Sitecore Commerce provides great pricing flexibility with Price Cards, there is sometimes a need to integrate with an external or internal pricing platform, which runs complex business rules to calculate the right price based on a variate of factors. We help our client make this integration seamless to website users and deliver precise and accurate near real-time product pricing.


Tax Calculation

Taxing can get complicated, which is why, especially with multiregional online stores, it simply makes sense to turn to professional services such as Avalara and Vertex. We have integrated with a variety of tax calculation services in the past and have plugins written for the two systems above allowing to add them with minimal development effort.



Shipping Options and Cost

Some online stores happen to lose money on shipping simply because their platform does not provide the accurate calculation capabilities. We have developed plugins for the most popular shipping services such as USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL to allow accurate calculation based on a variety of parameters, helping our clients accurately price order fulfilment.


Payment Services

Most e-commerce website that provide the ability to purchase products online integrate with a payment gateway. Whether we capture payments immediately, or onlly pre-authorize when the order is placed, we recommend using either the HPP (Hosted Payment Page) or HPF (Hosted Payment Form) type of integration to avoid the PCI liability, although, we have done numerous PCI-compliant implementations. Additionally, we have built PayPal, Chase and Authorize.NET Sitecore Commerce plugins, allowing to easily enable these types of payment services in our clients' implementations.


Address Verification

To help prevent lost shipments or miscalculated shipping charges we help our clients integrate with a variety of address verification services, asking customers to verify the address, if the address verification service flags it as non-existent or incomplete.


Fulfillment Services

Placing an order online is the end of the online conversion experience and the beginning of the internal fulfillment process. The submitted order now needs to be pushed into the fulfillment system, whether it is a backend ERP or a 3rd party company, we help submit the order information live or in batches with a disconnected architecture.


Single Sign On and Identity Management Services

Many businesses choose to offload the liability of storing customer information for legal reasons to external Identity Management services. We help our clients integrate with external IP systems and implement Single Sign On, with complementary websites for a seamless experience.


GDPR Consent

Whether it is securing personal data, providing functionality to exercise the rights of data retrieval or deletion, or integrating with an external consent system, our team is here to help.