Artificial Intelligence in Sitecore experience Commerce

We deliver smart self-improving solutions based on multiple branches of AI with Sitecore Experience Commerce


Using Artificial Intelligence with e-commerce is no longer something speculated about at conferences and symposiums. It has been here for a while and has become a standard rather than an advantage. Companies are looking at more complex algorithms and investigating multiple branches of AI, outside of the low hanging fruits of Machine Learning and Voice-based Commerce.


Understanding AI and what it can do for e-commerce implementations is one of our specialties. We don't simlpy say we do it, we put our money there as well. We have highly skilled developers certified in Artificial Intelligence fields, martech specialists and experienced Sitecore and Commerce architects who bring it all together for our clients with best practices and future expansion in mind.





  1. Machine learning for product recommendations and marketing automation (supervised and unsupervised)
  2. Internet of Things with voice commerce
  3. Social sentiment analysis for experience personalization
  4. Chat bots using Natural Language Processing (NLP) for 24/7 online support



Customers who bought this also bough

This is a great way to cross sell products, displaying what other customers with similar interests purchased on the website.


Product recommendations based on order history

The ability to recommend products is key to an e-commerce website and what better way to do it than based on the previous order history. The more your visitors order, the more accurate the recommendations become.


Personalized promotional offers

The time of blindly blasting your email lists with a best guess offer are long gone. With the help of Sitecore xDB and xConnect we can now customize and personalize offers for each individual visitor!


Frequently bought together

Remember the times when printers came without power cables? Although companies got better about packaging their products, this feature tops the charts for discovering complementary products.


Chat bots

Having customer staff available 24/7  can get very expensive. However, with the help of natural language recognition and some Machine Learning, we can provide a similar experience with the help of chat bots. Customers anytime from anywhere in the world will be able to get the information they need without delay.


Social sentiment

It is a cliché to talk about how important social sentiment is in our daily lives. Why not use that for the benefit of promoting products or providing product recommendations to help customers along their conversion funnel.


Voice Search and IoT

Shopping as an experience has long left the browser cage and is now available on many other types of devices. We can now shop while running a marathon, or why do it ourselves - have our fridges order our food for us! Voice search and the use of IoT in general makes search a more natural and accessible experience.