Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a complete, industry-standard set of services allowing you to perform business-critical functions in the Cloud. We can help you get optimal use of AWS features and capability.

Amazon Web Services Partner Network

The XCentium AWS team has the expertise to leverage Amazon Web Services for your hosting needs. We can develop the business case, architect the optimal solution, perform application development or migration, and support your continued use of AWS.

We are proud to be in the Amazon Partner Network and have been designated a Standard Consulting Partner. We have successfully completed initiatives for clients ranging from Fortune 500 to startup companies.

Our team can assist you with a full range of services including:

  • AWS Business Case
  • AWS Architecture
  • Deploying or migrating functionality to AWS
  • Utilization of other AWS Services
  • Specialized AWS assistance
  • Assist with AWS account setup
  • Implement AWS network infrastructure
  • Select EC2 instances
  • Properly leverage S3 and EBS
  • Define and prepare EC2 AMIs
  • Configure Windows server or Linux on instances
  • Deploy/configure other server features, such as web server
  • Implement of Elastic Load Balancing
  • Secure applications and networks using Amazon VPC
  • Set up Cloudwatch monitoring
  • Configure Cloud Front for caching
  • Implement hybrid configuration for application scalability (on-premise and AWS hosting)
  • Use of S3 and Glacier policies
  • Security configuration using Security Groups and Network ACLs
  • SSL Termination and Certificate procurement
  • Establish requirements that could be well-served by AWS
  • Establish requirements that would have to be met by AWS
  • Estimate the costs and benefits of various use modalities.
  • Recommend how leverage AWS features to best meet requirements
  • Write a project plan for migrating features to AWS
  • Review of application to determine how AWS features can be best used
  • Identify and resolve any incompatibilities
  • Identify of how to best leverage AWS features
  • Capacity Planning
  • Plan Deployment/Migration
  • Execute Deployment/Migration
  • Running Clustered MS SQL and MySQL databases on Amazon EC2
  • Amazon RDS for MS SQL and MySQL
  • Running Sitecore CMS on AWS
  • Running MS SharePoint on AWS
  • Migrating custom built applications into AWS
  • Migrating entire data centers into AWS
  • VPN and Direct Connect to hook on-premise to AWS VPC transparently
  • Amazon Simple Email Service
  • Amazon Route 53 for DNS services
  • Simple Notification Service, Simple Queuing Service