Software Research & Development

Software From Better Ideas. Better Ideas From Software. Better Software You Can Use.

Software Research and Development isn't just playing with tech. It starts with real ideas, for real problems, and turns into a series of conceptual practices that evolve into robust applications for software you will actually use. It's also more than offering software products. It's about improving customer interactions through established products, enriching our valued partner relationships, and empowering our employees to do their very best.

The result is better experiences for you and the investment in the software platforms you’ve invested in.

What Software Research and Development Does:

  • Manage the portfolio of XCentium’s product offerings through multiple delivery channels and their associated lifecycles
  • Seek out and refine ideas for software the solve problems through a gated process that includes conceptual development and product planning from initial release through future roadmaps
  • Enhance and engage in partner relationships to improve customer experiences through use of their software in conjunction with ours
  • Measure results and effectiveness of current software products