XCentium Launches Stripe Plugin to Enable Digital Payments for Sitecore Experience Commerce

XCentium delivers first Stripe plugin for Sitecore Experience Commerce™ enabling digital eCommerce payments, including ACH payments


Los Angeles, CA, May 14, 2019 — XCentium, an award-winning digital consultancy, announced today that they have created and launched a Stripe plugin for Sitecore Experience Commerce, enabling customers to use multiple types of digital payments. XCentium is proud to be the first Sitecore® partner to enable ACH payment, and other digital payment, functionality on the Sitecore Experience Commerce™ platform.

With retailers of all sizes adapting to multiple payment methods to stay relevant with customers, retailers especially need to prepare for mobile ecommerce as sales are expected to account for 54% of total ecommerce sales by 2021. (eMarketer) Currently, 36% of smartphone users around the world make ecommerce payments. (ClickZ

In 2019, it is anticipated that 61.6 million Americans will use their smart phones to make payments, an increase from previous years, with projected numbers continue to project increased rates in future years. Within the digital payment landscape, Apple Pay and Google Pay are two of the biggest players, with nearly half of US Stores accepting these payments. (ClickZ)

With the advancement of digital currency used for ecommerce, XCentium created the Stripe plugin, enabling retailers on the Sitecore Commerce Platform to engage with their customers and provide a relevant, friction free commerce experience, at scale. The Stripe Plugin for Sitecore Experience Commerce provides numerous digital payment types for retailers to offer including ACH Payment, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay and Amex Express Checkout options.

“Using Sitecore Experience Commerce plugin architecture, it was easy to integrate with Stripe allowing businesses to use Stripe as their payment provider. With Stripe Elements, we were able to support digital wallet services like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay, Ali Pay, etc., allowing us to handle the transactions with security and accuracy. We also added support to allow payments using ACH. The plugin is very flexible making it easy to extend as per business requirements,” shares Srikanth Kondapally, Sitecore Solutions Architect at XCentium.

“XCentium's payment integration plugin to Stripe provides a trusted and secure way for systems on the Sitecore Experience Commerce platform to immediately have access to a wide range of payment options on a global scale,” shares Phil Bui, Vice President of Commerce at XCentium. “In the longer term, this plugin represents significant cost and risk reduction as the fluctuations of online payment changes and options are smoothed out by having a single integration point.”

Clients who are interested in learning how they can enable digital payment, such as ACH Payments, as part of their Sitecore Experience Commerce strategy are encouraged to contact XCentium directly. In the future, XCentium will be releasing this Sitecore Experience Commerce Stripe plugin on GitHub. If developers would like early access to this plugin in exchange for feedback on ways to develop it further. To contact XCentium for either of these requests, please email info@xcentium.com


About XCentium

XCentium is an award-winning, full-service digital consultancy. We deliver engaging customer experiences on User Experience, Content Management, Commerce, CRM, and Cloud.  XCentium is a Sitecore Platinum Partner, Platinum Insite Commerce Partner, Salesforce Consulting Partner and Gold Certified Microsoft Partner. For more information, please visit XCentium.com. For inquiries, please contact info@xcentium.com.


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