Vault for Sitecore: History Database

Vault for Sitecore provides a feature called as History Database. It is basically another parallel database in Sitecore. This database shows data based on the set date and time in the past. Let’s understand how it works using this post.

Vault for Sitecore

What is History Database?

The History Database feature allows the user to browse the state of Sitecore any given time in the past. Website Pages and website can be browsed as it looked at that time using the Sitecore Preview feature.

How does it work?

When we install Vault, we will capture a snapshot of a database, which serves as the first possible time you can view the Vault History Database. Any view into the history database after a snapshot is based on the data from the snapshot plus any changes after that.

How to Use?

When in Desktop mode, the user has an option to select a date and time. Vault will then allow Sitecore to run on top of Vault to get a view into the past.

We have set up an environment for which Vault history data is available since (Snapshot): 8/25/2016 15:00

I have used Sitecore’s preview feature to take a look at the current state for the home page of this site. The preview is shown below


Now, let's go back in time and see how this page looked in the past.

Step 1: Navigate to the desktop mode, and select the History Timeline to select a particular date and time for which you want to see the history


Step 2: Select the date and time


Step 3: Vault will now process the history database and set it to your selected date and time



Step 4: Now, use the database selector to switch to History Database


You will notice a timestamp as per the user's selection


Step 5: Select the Home page item and click on Vault preview


You will see a new window showing the preview of the home page for the selected date and time


Note: Other users won’t be affected by this change - it is solely a readonly view into the past.

This article used Vault for Sitecore on Sitecore 8.1 Update-3.

If you are interested in learning more about Vault for Sitecore, please click here

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