Sitecore Helix: What and How?

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about Helix in the Sitecore world and how it can be useful for Sitecore development. Using this article, I will go over some basic concepts about what is Helix and how it can increase the efficiency of your Sitecore projects.

What is Helix?


Helix is a set of overall design principles and conventions for Sitecore development. Down the road as more and more organizations adopt to these principles, making it Sitecore standard. Projects which are built based on these principles will be easy to understand for new members of development team who are familiar with these principles.

How it helps?

There are a lot of things to read in the Helix documentation, but I wanted to mention a few of them in this article which I found to be helpful.

Controlling Dependencies:

They define some good examples on how to maintain the dependencies using loosely coupled architecture. This helps developers clearly understand what effects the solution with their changes, eventually reducing time and effort to testing. More


Managing Sitecore Items:

Sitecore items have been split into two main categories, Content and Definition items. They are well defined steps explaining how to develop, maintain and deploy these items to production environment(s). More

Page layout:

  1. Very good examples to understand the importance and necessity for making use of Datasource template and Datasource locations
  2. Rendering parameters
  3. Compatible renderings, More

Language and culture support:

For a multi-site solution configured for different languages, these principles explain clearly about how to configure them based on the site. More

What is Habitat?


Sitecore Habitat is a range of sites demonstrating the capabilities of the Sitecore Experience Platform. The solution is built on the Sitecore Helix guidelines, which focuses on increasing productivity and quality in Sitecore projects. This helps developers understand the guidelines defined under Helix by using this as an example site. Give it a try by downloading the source code using the link provided below.

Note: Helix documentation can be found here.
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