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Martin Knudsen, XCentium Partner
Martin Knudsen, Partner

Strategy Panel Session

Connecting the Next Big Thing

Come discover how to get ahead of the curve and prep for the future of digital machine learning, digital personal assistant, chatbots, headless - all emerging topics that we, from a business point of view, have to consider to shape the next gen customer experience. Featuring XCentium's Amrit Raj, Managing Partner.

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Amrit Raj, XCentium Managing Partner
Amrit Raj, Managing Partner
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Steve Miller, XCentium
Steve Miller, Partner
Matt Kloss, XCentium

Matt Kloss, Director East

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Vasiliy Fomichev, Sitecore Commerce MVP
Vasiliy Fomichev, Commerce Director

XC Presentation

Sitecore Commerce with The Mayo Clinic:

Come discover how the Mayo Clinic is using Sitecore Commerce to further their own goal of goal of care and healing, featuring Sitecore Commerce MVP, Vasiliy Fomichev

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Srikanth Kondapally, Sitecore Commerce MVP
Srikanth Kondapally, Sitecore Commerce Architect
XCentium Demo: Connecting the Next Big Thing - Voice Commerce, Featuring Alexa and SItecore

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Booth 705: Tuesday 3:30 pm

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Olga Kogan, XCentium
Olga Kogan, Senior Developer
Owo Owolawi, Sitecore Commerce MVP
Ola Owolawi, Senior Sitecore Commerce Developer

Plugins Demo

Tuesday at 10 am & Wednesday at 9 am, Booth #302, featuring Sitecore Commerce MVP, Ola Owolawi

Amazon Echo Dot Giveaways!

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Julia Gavrilova, XCentium
Julia Gavrilova, Lead Sitecore Architect

Getting Started


Come learn what functionalities make for a successful search. Featuring Justin Pettinger, Sitecore Architect at XCentium.

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Justin Pettinger
Justin Pettinger, Lead Commerce Architect

Partner Theater

Commerce Experiences That Teach Themselves:

Come discover the role AI will play in context marketing. Featuring Sitecore Commerce MVP, Vasiliy Fomichev, and Sitecore MVP, Srikanth Kondapally.

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Hao Yin, XCentium
Hao Yin, Senior Developer
Tony Wang, XCentium
Tony Wang, Architect
Amy Macgowan, XCentium
Amy Macgowan, Director of Business Development
Amir Setoudeh, Senior Developer
Amir Setoudeh, Sitecore Architect

Panel Discussion

Dazzling Data: How to Impress with Dashboards

Come learn how to make your dashboards work for you. Featuring Amir Setoudeh, Senior Developer at XCentium.

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Insite Platinum Partner XCentium
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